On February 5th, prospective candidates who attended the EMBA McGill HEC information session at HEC Montréal had the opportunity to get feedback and advice from two of our very recent alumni: Mr. Bernard Truong, Director, Strategic Business Relationships at the National Bank and Mr. Alain Dadoun, General Manager, Strategy and Project Customer Experience, at Bell.

Here are but a few highlights of what they shared:

  • «I was torn between McGill and HEC. With the EMBA, I got both!» -Alain Dadoun
  • Mr. Dadoun talked about how the EMBA was not only a professional experience but also, a LIFE experience.
  • Thanks to the strength of the networks he developed during the EMBA program, Mr. Bernard Truong now looks at each obstacle with multiple perspectives.
  • Both alumni also discussed how the program helped them approach their organization’s issues in a different way.

Thank you gentlemen for your undeniable contribution to this information session and again, congratulations on joining our vast network of EMBA alumni.

Join us for our upcoming information sessions: February 19th and March 19th, 2013!


Alain Dadoun Bernard Truong
Alain Dadoun                                          Bernard Truong