DeKorerguen_Liliana_optHow does doing an EMBA impact the life of an entrepreneur?  Liliana de Kerorguen, a 2012 of the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal, was one of four Executive MBA alumni to respond to this question for a January 17th article in Les Affaires.

Liliana was the President of a Sanofi Group Canada company when she started the EMBA program.  Today she is the President and co-founder of La Palette Gourmande. Her objective in doing the EMBA was to help build her career at  Sanofi or another large company, however, as she progressed through the program, her thinking changed and she realized she really had the desire to start a business. With this goal in mind, she used the papers and projects in the program, and particularly, her final paper, to deepen her knowledge of entrepreneurship and what it would take to start her own business. When she decided, a few years later, to launch her company, she felt well-prepared, and in addition, she could count on the help of her former EMBA classmates. She concluded: “Without the EMBA, I would not have done things the same way. I would have had more doubts before making decisions. The Executive MBA hasn’t dampened my creativity; on the contrary, it helped me to organize and prioritize the implementation of my many ideas.”