Philippe-Aubert-MessierApollo Group, a Quebec company that specializes in audio services for advertising, co-founded by Paul Maco and Philippe-Aubert Messier, a 2013 EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal alumnus, isn’t running short of contracts in Quebec and Canada. They have produced, among other things, the music for the Toronto Raptors’ advertising campaign, the opening sequence on TVA Sports for Canadiens’ games and Gregory Charles’ videos at the casino.

In order to attract more international customers and to diversify their activities they’ve moved into advertising production work, by launching a production company, 1ONE Production. 1ONE Production produces not just the sound, but all aspects of an advertisement (based on concepts developed by an advertising agency). In recent weeks, a spot they did to promote 1ONE production’s services, named “Jesus’s Best Stunt”, went viral and was #1 in all sorts of advertising trade blogs including Fast Company and AdWeek.


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