How to Be a Better Leader

Be Bold

Carolyne Chatel graduated in 2014 from the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of the International Development, Research and Education at WIGUP TV (When I grow up TV), a creative interscholastic network that has been designed to inspire young people aged 9 to 14 years to become who they really are. Here are her thoughts on audacity.

What is audacity?

It is with a quote from the American writer and humorist Mark Twain that Carolyne explained what audacity stands for,to her: ” They didn’t know it was impossible so they did it.” For Carolyne, boldness and audacity are primarily a state where we highlight our talents and where we move forward. To be bold, we must have allies, people who believe in us, but also who fear for us, who help us become aware of the boldness we demonstrate.

Boldness and courage are the engines of action for Carolyne but it is her long-term vision, knowledge of where she wants to go, which gives her the confidence to be bold.

Boldness as a manager and collaborator

In her business, Carolyne appreciates it when there is some resistance to a bold move. She sees it as a good sign, a sign that her employees appreciate the current situation. When she encounters resistance to a bold decision, she takes time to reflect, to try to understand the reasons behind her employees’ hesitations. Interestingly, Carolyne is convinced that it is collaboration that actually gets her to take bolder decisions. That’s why she seeks to install a cooperative climate to encourage people to take bold decisions. She wants to celebrate and be inspired by the courage of the people she works with, not manage or limit their audacity. Carolyne also believes that failure is part of life, and the fear of failure should not overrule bold decisions and actions. Her confidence and passion serve as a role model to her team, and help encourage them to think big and move forward as well.



Audacity according to Kim Cosgrove (EMBA 2010)

Audacity according to Ève Laurier (EMBA 2011)