2017 Executive MBA McGill-HEC Montreal Graduates

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Over 40 outstanding women and men.

The 2017 McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Class mosaic featured in Newspapers and online nationwide gives a good overview of the individuals, the accomplished senior executives who have just completed the program, but it doesn’t tell you about the class.  They are so much more than 40+ individuals.  Over the course of the 15 months of the program, they’ve built an effective network which demonstrates its value in many ways. They act as sounding boards for each other, as impartial observers and critics, as rich sources of contacts, as windows into different industries and as sources of advice and support in times of need.

A Network

The EMBA McGill-HEC believes so strongly in the importance and value of this network, that we track its development. These two diagrams show that the density of the network increased almost 6-fold over the course of the program.  And when we asked the class about the effectiveness of the class network as a source of insight and knowledge, they rated it 4.8/5.0.

A source of learning

The participants’ extensive work and management experience, as well as the diversity of their backgrounds, has contributed greatly to the richness of exchanges and learning during the program.

“Being a part of this diverse group of people, we were really able to challenge ourselves and take everything we learned to a different level of thinking and reflection.” — Clyde Sharpe (EMBA 2017)

« Il y a une complémentarité des gens dans la cohorte qui est impressionnante. Au-delà de l’apprentissage académique, on va chercher un apprentissage de nos pairs, de par la richesse de leurs expériences. » — Marie-Lucie Paradis (EMBA 2017)

« When I came into this program, I was expecting that we were going to be put together in a group, competing against one another, and this was the opposite. We were actually working together, in unity, to complement each other and help each other become better. » —Zahida Intwala (EMBA 2017)             

Average age 42 years old
Average work experience 17 years
Average management experience 12 years
Industries 21
% living outside the Greater Montreal Area 28%
% living outside Canada 10%
% who had already a graduate degree 25%

A team, friends, a family

On the last day of class, we asked our graduates about their McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA experience. The most frequent answer is undoubtedly the real relationships and friendships they have built among them:

“ When we started the EMBA, we were 43 individuals that didn’t know each other. Within a few weeks, we became close friends. We shared our professional and personal experiences. We became a source of support for each other. And then, as the year progressed, we became a family, a richness we will benefit from, for life.” — Nadim Ladha (EMBA 2017)

« Ce qui m’a surpris le plus, c’est l’esprit d’équipe, l’esprit de camaraderie. On réalise rapidement qu’on fait partie d’une grande famille. On est dans la même aventure. On est à bord du même navire, qui bat pavillon EMBA. » — Denis Bernier (EMBA 2017)

« L’humanité et la fraternité que nous avons su construire assez tôt dans le programme est ce qui m’a surpris le plus de l’EMBA. » — Sophie Lachance (EMBA 2017)

Yes, 43 individuals just completed the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal, but it’s clear that the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.

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