The EMBA celebrates 10 years

//The EMBA celebrates 10 years

Ten years after the graduation of its first cohort, the prestigious Executive MBA program – jointly offered by McGill University and HEC Montréal – continues to attract executives and entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their skills. Here’s how.

10 years of McGill – HEC Montréal partnership

This bilingual program, designed specifically for business leaders and based on the original Mindsets platform of Henry Mintzberg – one of the great management thinkers of our time – is the result of a close collaboration between McGill and HEC Montréal. The participants benefit from privileged access to the best teachers of both institutions, to both campuses, to both networks of graduates and to two complementary visions of the business world.

10 years of scheduling adapted to executive needs

Executives, entrepreneurs and successful managers  have important responsibilities and a busy schedule. The EMBA McGill-HEC offers a schedule adapted to this reality. Classes are usually held once a month, from Thursday to Sunday, over 11 months. In addition, there are 2 modules of 7 and 10 days in residence – which includes the unique Reflective Mindset, the module which deals with leadership. The last 4 months of the program are dedicated to writing a final applied research paper, making the total program length 15 months.

“The program targeted high caliber participants and offered a schedule that allowed me to travel from quite a distance without neglecting my business. “

François Rioux- President of the Bertrand-Rioux Group, Matane

10 years of reflection

In addition to sharpening their theoretical and practical knowledge, each participant spends timing reflecting on a number of issues, including his or her strengths and values.  Participants learn to think in a structured way, to take a step back and to look at familiar situations from a new perspective. This aptitude supports innovation and change, and at the same time helps in avoiding the repetition of certain behaviors and errors.

10 years of interaction

High-level teaching by renowned professors represents only half of the experience: the students themselves also contribute to their own learning. By carefully selecting managers and professionals from more than 20 industries, as well as different cultures and backgrounds, the EMBA creates a rich and diverse classroom environment. In fact, to encourage this diversity, scholarships are offered to managers in non-profit organizations and to managers of indigenous origin. In addition, the program reached parity in 2018, graduating 23 women and 23 men, a rare occurrence in the EMBA world. Each person brings their point of view to the issues presented and shares with others their own business vision.

“What surprised me most about the EMBA is the diversity found within the program, both in terms of people and the different industries represented. Everyone had a particular story or background, which was really interesting and touched each one of us in different ways. “

Stéphanie Germano- Vice President, Finance, Germano Construction

10 years of bilingualism

Reflecting the reality of the Canadian business community, teachings and interactions between participants and professors take place in both English and French. Candidates must be able to understand both languages, but can spontaneously express themselves, answer and write in the language of their choice. It is also a valuable opportunity for participants to connect with people from a community with whom they may otherwise have little contact.

10 years of pedagogical innovation

The vast majority of the assignments in the program focus on real business issues related to the participants and their companies. The program’s pedagogy is designed to make participants reflect on the real issues facing their companies, in terms of strategy, value creation and sustainable development.