A big move for Marco De Tavira!

It’s a new industry and a new city for Marco de Tavira. After spending much of his career working in the aerospace industry, Marco has recently accepted a new role as Director of Project Management at Scotiabank, which meant packing his bags and moving to Toronto.

His decision to move from aerospace was highly influenced by his time in Argentina during the McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA program’s Worldly Mindset module. It was there, that he realized that he was not fully taking advantage of his many years of experience working in transnational companies in his native country, Mexico. Nor was he building on the fact that he speaks French, English and Spanish fluently and is familiar with Latin American culture. When he came upon an opportunity at Scotiabank which seemed to be the perfect fit, using all of his skills and experience, he seized the opportunity.  Scotiabank has seen significant growth in the Latin American region and that is where he would like to focus his career.

In his new role, Marco will provide support to different teams as well as execute and deliver projects that are meant to improve Scotiabank’s operations as well as enhance their customer service. He is currently working within the Wealth Management Division in support of Merger and Acquisition activities.

We wish Marco much success as he capitalizes on his unique set of skills and experiences.