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EMBA alumni in Canadian Business’ Profit 500

Pascal Lépine (EMBA 2012), Stéphane Rouleau (EMBA 2013) and Vincenzo Giorgio (EMBA 2011) in Canadian Business’ Profit 500 Canadian Business’ Profit 500 ranking is out, and two companies led by McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA alumni are on it. The ranking lists companies that are beating the times by experiencing big growth over the past five years. Atypic is a Montreal-based professional-services firm that works with organizations in the plural sector, and is headed by President Pascal Lépine (EMBA 2012). Spiria, with CEO Stephane Rouleau (EMBA 2013) at the helm, develops Web- PC- and mobile-based software solutions to help companies grow and streamline their operations. This is the sixth year in a row that Spiria has made it onto this prestigious list of most successful companies. Special mention also to Groupe Premier Médical, 221st, where Vincenzo Giorgio (EMBA 2011) is Chief Financial Officer. Source - McGill/Desautels : https://www.mcgill.ca/desautels/channels/news/two-companies-headed-mcgill-hec-montreal-alumni-are-canadian-business-profit-500-list-270364

Les Affaires Event – Femmes Leaders 2017

Several EMBA graduates will be guest speakers at the Femmes Leaders 2017 event organized by Les Affaires For the fourth consecutive year, the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal is a proud partner of the annual conference Femmes Leaders organized by Les Affaires. The event will take place on May 16th. Four EMBA alumnae are among the leaders invited by Les Affaires to be guest speakers. The panel discussion on the evolution of the manager/leader’s role will feature three of our graduates: Guylaine Bergeron (EMBA 2013), General Manager, Communications, Marketing and Branding at Société Radio-Canada, Geneviève Comtois (EMBA 2012), Global Pricing Strategy Manager at Shell International and Francine Laurin (EMBA 2011), Associate Vice President, Direct Investments, TD.  The panel will be moderated by Cyrille Sardais, Associate Professor in the Management Department at HEC Montréal. In addition, Nadège Lenormand-Dauvergne (EMBA 2014), Managing Director of CANUS, will participate in a panel on the growth of SMEs. In addition to the EMBA graduates, here are the six reasons to participate in this event, according to Les Affaires: Learn how to take organizational agility right through to operations Reflect on how you can effectively reconcile your managerial and leadership roles Discover the endless power of Big Data as a competitive advantage Optimize your team's performance in times of change Discover the DNA of tomorrow's leaders to fully play your role Be sure to use our promotional code 2EMBA whenyou register, for a discount of 35%.

The EMBA will be well-represented at the Mercuriades 2017

We are awaiting the April 24th announcement of the 2017 Mercuriades contest’s winners with a bit of impatience this year, because several EMBA participants and graduates play key roles in some of the nominated companies. The Mercuriades is a prestigious Quebec business contest, launched in 1981 by the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ). Its objective is to highlight innovation, ambition, entrepreneurship and performance of Quebec’s small and large businesses. Here are the finalists to which we will pay special attention: Cogeco Connexion: Category: Contribution to economic and regional development - Large Enterprise Liette Vigneault, current EMBA participant, Vice-President, Human Resources and Communications; Caroline Dignard, EMBA 2010, Vice-President, Legal and Chief Privacy Officer; Michel Blais, EMBA 2014, Vice-President, Customer Solutions; Robert Massé, EMBA 2014 Director, Credit and Retention. Groupe Deschênes inc. : Category: Development of a Web or Mobile Technology Presented by TELUS - Large Business François Deschênes, EMBA 2010, President Edelman Montreal Categories: Manulife Employer of the Year - Large Business Community Involvement Presented by Investors Group - Large Business Ève Laurier, EMBA 2011, Executive Director; Pierre Choquette, EMBA 2013, Vice-President Normandin Beaudry Categories: Entrepreneurship, Succession and Business Transfers Presented by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton - SMEs Successful Business Strategy Presented by La Capitale Sophie Lachance, EMBA 2017, Partner Some of our graduates also work for Air Canada and Desjardins, both finalists in different categories.

4 reasons why the EMBA decided to launch a Toastmasters club

"You can be trained by the best communication specialists, read all the books on the subject and watch the best speakers in action, but if you really want to improve, you have to practice," says Michel Filion. “And that’s what Toastmasters focuses on." The McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Program has been expanding its focus on how to communicate effectively, at the suggestion of its graduates.  Early February marked an important step on this road with the launch of the EMBA EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal Toastmasters club, dedicated to its participants and alumni.  Here are four reasons why: 1) Mastering the art of speaking effectively in public is a must for today's leaders. Much of a manager’s job involves communicating. Being able to communicate effectively will help managers gain credibility, rally teams behind them, convey objectives and expectations effectively, avoid confusion and defuse stressful workplace scenarios, among other things. 2) A proven program Toastmasters International (TMI) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to helping its members improve their communication and leadership skills through public speaking. Since 1924, Toastmasters has helped people with different backgrounds become more confident speakers, better communicators and leaders. The program has more than 345,000 members worldwide. At Toastmasters, everyone has a role to play. Participants can perform a 5 to 7 minutes prepared speech or be invited to improvise a one-to-two-minute speech on an imposed subject, without preparation or time for reflection. Each role provides an opportunity to speak in public, to practice, and to help members feel more confident in speaking in public. 3) The club is in good hands Michel Filion, Director of Recruitment for the EMBA was introduced to Toastmasters in 2014 and was named Toastmasters’ Quebec champion in 2016. He [...]

Dominic Bujold (EMBA 2013) recently launched LOV restaurant

Recently, Dominic Bujold (EMBA 2013) launched a new vegetarian restaurant, LOV, in Old Montreal. According to restaurant critique Lesley Chesterman from The Montreal Gazette: this new restaurant impresses by it décor and it’s local, organic and vegetarian cuisine: “Before even entering, the first thing that impressed about LOV is the decor. Even from the outside, with its tall windows and twinkling lights, the restaurant is supremely enticing.” “As for the menu at LOV, that has been placed into the hands of Stéphanie Audet (formerly of the raw food restaurant Crudessence), who has quite the knack for creating not only fine vegetarian dishes but even more challenging vegan dishes as well. The cuisine here is described as “botanical” with a marked emphasis on natural, vegetarian, organic and healthy.” Dominic Bujold is a serial entrepreneur specialized in franchises. He founded Sushi Shop before selling it to MTY group. He graduated from the McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA program in 2013. The same year, he founded Groupe Evoluco, which specializes in the conception and development of fast casual dining concepts. With Evoluco, Dominic wants to help new generations of franchisees to prosper, such as the concepts of Crudessence, M4 Burritos and No 900 Pizzéria Napolitaine.

What impact does an EMBA have for women?

What impact does an EMBA have for women? Over the last nine years, the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal has heard from many of its graduates and participants about the program’s impact on them.  We’ve heard that the EMBA contributes to the personal development of its participants, it helps them sharpen some of their instincts, enhance their workplace credibility, expand their network, and gain new perspectives on their organization and learn to delegate. The impacts are many and differ from one person to another. This fall, for the first time, our class is 50% women, so we asked some of our graduates and participants to share their thoughts about the program’s impact on them as women, and whether they believe this impact is different than that experienced by men.   “This EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal experience made me a better person by creating an awareness of the different hats I wear as a mother, spouse and career-oriented women. It helped me become more balanced individual and consequently more efficient in stressful situations by teaching me to focus on what matters most. I don't feel as guilty for having high aspirations with young children as I am more mindful with my time and make it count by removing waste and managing my energy instead of my time.” Zahida Intwala (EMBA – promotion 2017), Credit & Customer Service Manager at Genetec «Je ne crois pas que l’impact est différent chez les femmes, je crois que tout participant en trouve sa crédibilité améliorée. Le fait d’avoir intégré les études aux autres sphères de la vie (professionnelle, familiale, etc.) démontre sa capacité à gérer plusieurs dossiers à la fois. Cela démontre également une grande curiosité, une ouverture et un désir d’apprendre.» Nathalie Simard [...]

The McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA contributes to a hiring at Edelman Montreal

In early September, Edelman Montreal welcomed Pierre Choquette as Vice President Public Affairs. Behind every job hiring there is a story, a particular encounter. This time, the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal program is at the heart of the story that led Pierre Choquette (EMBA 2013) to Edelman Montreal. Ève Laurier, CEO at Edelman Montreal, graduated in 2011. She decided to pursue an EMBA to push her desire for entrepreneurship further. Pierre Choquette joined the McGill and HEC Montreal family in order to develop his management skills. He graduated in 2013. At the end of their studies, both Eve Laurier and Pierre Choquette decided to start their own businesses. Through their experiences and while developing their networks, Eve and Pierre crossed paths and thereafter collaborated on various projects. Finally, the right moment arrived for them to join forces this year, to the great delight Ève Laurier:  "Pierre adds incredible value to the network of professionals we have at Edelman. I know that what we both learned through the EMBA experience enables us to have a unique vision of how to run a business and lead it forward. " Pierre Choquette, a professional renowned not only for his knowledge and expertise, but also because of his unconventional background, is an expert in communications and public affairs in Quebec. Having co-founded Mondea, a communication and business strategy firm, he has also been senior director of public affairs for AbitibiBowater Canada (now Resolute Forest Products). In addition to supporting various causes, Pierre is active in Canadian politics as president of the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec section) since April 2016. "This is a great opportunity that presented itself through the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal network. Edelman has offices worldwide and provides [...]

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