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Geneviève Auclair (EMBA 2017) receives Meritorious Service Medal

Geneviève Auclair (EMBA 2017) receives Meritorious Service Medal Geneviève Auclair, an EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal alumna, will receive, later today, the Meritorious Service Medal at the Citadelle of Québec presented by her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada. Geneviève will receive this medal alongside more than 25 Canadians who have shown and acted with excellence, courage or exceptional dedication to service and will be recognized with honours. The Governor General presents honours on behalf of all Canadians in communities across the country to help share inspiring stories, celebrate tremendous contributions to our society and connect with Canadians. Geneviève Auclair, M.S.M. Montréal and Puvirnituq, Quebec Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division) Physician Geneviève Auclair spearheaded a successful campaign to recruit health care professionals to the Inuulitsivik Health Centre in Nunavik, and to introduce local youth to potential careers as doctors, nurses and technicians. During her tenure as chief of medicine, the number of permanent staff has increased significantly as new physicians and support workers arrive and opt to stay longer, resulting in more stable health care for the region’s residents. Source: http://www.gg.ca/document.aspx?id=17056&lan=eng This cause is very important to Geneviève and she was able to raise her classmate's awareness of it during the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal program.  Geneviève’s very different perspective on the world of management and on society in general greatly enriched the discussions within her class. The entire EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal family is very proud and is thrilled that Geneviève is being recognized for her outstanding work.  

Steven Vetrone promoted to District Operations Manager, Home Depot

Steven Vetrone (EMBA 2017) has been promoted to District Operations Manager at The Home Depot Canada In his new role as District Operations Manager, Steven Vetrone (EMBA 2017) will be supporting Home Depot stores in Quebec in meeting their Customer Service, Inventory, and Operational goals. Steven’s ten years of experience as a Store Manager for the home improvement retailer will certainly be very useful since he will be managing operations for the 20+ Home Depot stores in Quebec each covering in average 100,000 square feet and stocking as many as 40,000 home improvement products. It’s a big job, but with his extended knowledge of the organization and having just completed the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program Steven feels ready to take up the challenge! “The Executive MBA was a great experience, giving me a broad perspective to better understand our business. There are a lot of changes in the retail industry, and being at The Home Depot has made me understand that having the right tools is especially important. I apply many of the learnings from the EMBA program in my relationships with the stores, working in collaboration to ensure that we are all aligned in meeting our customers' needs. The EMBA has made me a better partner and a better manager.”

Nadim Ladha Promoted Community Manager, RBC

New Community Manager for Outaouais, at RBC: Nadim Ladha (EMBA 2017) With barely enough time to catch his breath after graduating from EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal, and only 10 months after his last promotion, Nadim Ladha has been promoted to Community Manager for the Outaouais Region at RBC Royal Bank. The official announcement of his appointment described Nadim as "an outstanding leader," a person who "stands out at all levels, from employee surveys to his team’s financial results and client surveys" and whose motto is "Be the customers’ first choice". Nadim believes that he is a better manager today, thanks to all he learned from his Executive MBA classmates.  Many of them had more experience than Nadim, and were very open about sharing their insights and experiences.

John-Sebastien Bignell appointed Senior Director of Operations at Jean Coutu

John-Sebastien Bignell (EMBA 2017) appointed Senior Director of Operations for the Jean Coutu Group John-Sebastien Bignell, a 2017 McGill–HEC Montréal Executive MBA graduate, has been appointed Senior Director of Operations for the Jean Coutu Group. He will be responsible for distribution centre operations, inventory, and transportation operations. The company’s recently opened distribution centre in Varennes is partly automated, and one of John’s challenges will be to increase its overall performance to the level expected by the company while making sure to generate and document knowledge linked to the operation of the centre. “The EMBA greatly contributed to my understanding of the company as a whole and of its environment. This will be a great asset in my new mandate and will give me food for thought and help me structure my strategic analysis. The tools and concepts acquired during the operational excellence module will certainly be central to my new duties. In addition, what I took away from the ‘Catalytic Mindset’ module, especially concerning change management, will be very useful. The McGill–HEC Montreal EMBA helped make me a complete manager and minimize my blind spots. Now I’ll have the opportunity to apply everything I learned and realize my full potential.”

The EMBA will be well-represented at the Mercuriades 2017

We are awaiting the April 24th announcement of the 2017 Mercuriades contest’s winners with a bit of impatience this year, because several EMBA participants and graduates play key roles in some of the nominated companies. The Mercuriades is a prestigious Quebec business contest, launched in 1981 by the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ). Its objective is to highlight innovation, ambition, entrepreneurship and performance of Quebec’s small and large businesses. Here are the finalists to which we will pay special attention: Cogeco Connexion: Category: Contribution to economic and regional development - Large Enterprise Liette Vigneault, current EMBA participant, Vice-President, Human Resources and Communications; Caroline Dignard, EMBA 2010, Vice-President, Legal and Chief Privacy Officer; Michel Blais, EMBA 2014, Vice-President, Customer Solutions; Robert Massé, EMBA 2014 Director, Credit and Retention. Groupe Deschênes inc. : Category: Development of a Web or Mobile Technology Presented by TELUS - Large Business François Deschênes, EMBA 2010, President Edelman Montreal Categories: Manulife Employer of the Year - Large Business Community Involvement Presented by Investors Group - Large Business Ève Laurier, EMBA 2011, Executive Director; Pierre Choquette, EMBA 2013, Vice-President Normandin Beaudry Categories: Entrepreneurship, Succession and Business Transfers Presented by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton - SMEs Successful Business Strategy Presented by La Capitale Sophie Lachance, EMBA 2017, Partner Some of our graduates also work for Air Canada and Desjardins, both finalists in different categories.

4 reasons why the EMBA decided to launch a Toastmasters club

"You can be trained by the best communication specialists, read all the books on the subject and watch the best speakers in action, but if you really want to improve, you have to practice," says Michel Filion. “And that’s what Toastmasters focuses on." The McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Program has been expanding its focus on how to communicate effectively, at the suggestion of its graduates.  Early February marked an important step on this road with the launch of the EMBA EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal Toastmasters club, dedicated to its participants and alumni.  Here are four reasons why: 1) Mastering the art of speaking effectively in public is a must for today's leaders. Much of a manager’s job involves communicating. Being able to communicate effectively will help managers gain credibility, rally teams behind them, convey objectives and expectations effectively, avoid confusion and defuse stressful workplace scenarios, among other things. 2) A proven program Toastmasters International (TMI) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to helping its members improve their communication and leadership skills through public speaking. Since 1924, Toastmasters has helped people with different backgrounds become more confident speakers, better communicators and leaders. The program has more than 345,000 members worldwide. At Toastmasters, everyone has a role to play. Participants can perform a 5 to 7 minutes prepared speech or be invited to improvise a one-to-two-minute speech on an imposed subject, without preparation or time for reflection. Each role provides an opportunity to speak in public, to practice, and to help members feel more confident in speaking in public. 3) The club is in good hands Michel Filion, Director of Recruitment for the EMBA was introduced to Toastmasters in 2014 and was named Toastmasters’ Quebec champion in 2016. He [...]

Marie-Lucie Paradis appointed to Regional Vice-President, Montreal Region at Intact

Marie-Lucie Paradis has been appointed to Regional Vice-President, Montreal Region at Intact. After 15 years in the claims department where she held several management positions and having recently completed the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program, she felt ready for a new challenge within the organization. In her new role, she will be responsible for underwriting, as well as relationships and business development with broker network. “The other side of what I used to do!” says Marie-Lucie. She believes that, thanks to the EMBA program, she now has a broader vision of the organization, but also of the different issues at play, which will certainly help her as she adapts to her new role. In addition, she feels more confident at the prospect of managing multiple challenges simultaneously: “We do not realize it, but one of the things the EMBA teaches us, as we study, have a full-time job and a family with young children, is to manage many projects at once. As a manager, and particularly in a new role, this is invaluable.”

2017 Executive MBA McGill-HEC Montreal Graduates

Over 40 outstanding women and men. The 2017 McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Class mosaic featured in Newspapers and online nationwide gives a good overview of the individuals, the accomplished senior executives who have just completed the program, but it doesn’t tell you about the class.  They are so much more than 40+ individuals.  Over the course of the 15 months of the program, they’ve built an effective network which demonstrates its value in many ways. They act as sounding boards for each other, as impartial observers and critics, as rich sources of contacts, as windows into different industries and as sources of advice and support in times of need. A Network The EMBA McGill-HEC believes so strongly in the importance and value of this network, that we track its development. These two diagrams show that the density of the network increased almost 6-fold over the course of the program.  And when we asked the class about the effectiveness of the class network as a source of insight and knowledge, they rated it 4.8/5.0. A source of learning The participants' extensive work and management experience, as well as the diversity of their backgrounds, has contributed greatly to the richness of exchanges and learning during the program. “Being a part of this diverse group of people, we were really able to challenge ourselves and take everything we learned to a different level of thinking and reflection.” — Clyde Sharpe (EMBA 2017) « Il y a une complémentarité des gens dans la cohorte qui est impressionnante. Au-delà de l’apprentissage académique, on va chercher un apprentissage de nos pairs, de par la richesse de leurs expériences. » — Marie-Lucie Paradis (EMBA 2017) « When I came into this program, I was expecting that we were [...]

Stéphane De Meurville takes the Managing director position at Moët Hennessy Group in India

Five years ago, Stéphane De Meurville came to Canada to take on the role of Managing Director for Moët Hennessy Group Canada.  Now the time has come for his next challenge.  He is in the process of installing his family in Mumbai, having recently been named Managing Director of the Moët Hennessy Group for India. Challenge is definitely the right word.  He’s juggling a complicated and time consuming move, the need to adapt to a totally different environment and the fact that until the end of 2016, he will lead both the Indian and Canadian markets. And on top of all that, he’s worked very hard to complete his McGill-HEC Montréal Executive MBA Final Paper. Stéphane knows the Moët Hennessy Group very well, having worked with the group since1999. He is a marketing specialist who moved into management positions early in his career.  Rising  through the corporate ladder, he has been in charge of promoting the Group around the world for many  years, leaving his native France to set up and run the prestigious company in Asia, East Africa, Canada and now India.  

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A major career change for Jean-Christophe Coppenrath

By 2017, Jean-Christophe Coppenrath will have completed his EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal journey and will have started his new job with Doctors Without Borders as Coordinator of Human Resources.  In this role, he will face the challenge of working in emergency situations caused by armed conflict, epidemics and disasters. He thinks the EMBA will certainly be useful in this new environment: “The EMBA helped me better appreciate the importance of empathy in the workplace, which will be especially significant in some of the volatile environments I will be working in. Moreover, the reflection sessions helped me deliberate on and analyze my past actions and decisions, and reflect on how I can improve my decision making in the future and avoid reacting impulsively - even when I'm under pressure to take quick decisions.” This is an important career move for Jean-Christophe, who originally graduated with a BA in political science and who has mainly worked in the financial and consultation sector. He will, however, be able to draw on his extensive experience in different cultural environments including the Middle East and North Africa as he has been based in Egypt for the past 6 years. “I was also able to switch careers, something I had been anticipating for a while, through the program's network, as one of my colleagues introduced me to the recruiting team at Doctors Without Borders.”