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Captain André P. Jean (EMBA 2019*) and the D+ Team receive the Deputy Minister’s Award

Captain André P. Jean (EMBA 2019*) and the D+ Team of the 2nd Canadian Division of the Canadian Armed Forces receive the Deputy Minister's Award Not long before starting the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program, Captain André P. Jean of the 2nd Canadian Division Support Group, Canadian Armed Forces founded the D+ Team initiative. He now acts as its Co-Chair. The objective of the D+ Team is to improve employment equity and diversity in the Canadian Armed Forces. In the past year, the team has set up a structure for the creation of advisory groups on diversity, created marketing tools and prepared awareness-raising activities for all members of the Department of National Defense (DND). For example, they organized an event to discover Aboriginal cuisine, and they managed the DNDe’s participation in the Gay Pride Parade. Captain André P. Jean believes that "The EMBA allowed me to reflect on the future of Team D+ to find the key factors that would ensure its continuity." His reflection is already paying off as Team D+ recently received an award from  Deputy Minister Jody Thomas, as part of the Celebrate Excellence Awards Program. These awards are the highest level recognition for achievement in delivering on  Ministry policy. This important tradition generates employee pride and commitment by recognizing the outstanding work done by the Defense team throughout the year.

Alexis Bourson (EMBA 2019*) is promoted to Managing Director, Sales & Marketing at Fibrenoire

Alexis Bourson (EMBA 2019*) is promoted to Managing Director, Sales & Marketing at Fibrenoire Alexis Bourson joined Fibrenoire, a firm specializing in fiber optic connectivity services for businesses, in 2012 as Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances. Today, as he begins the final stretch of his journey at the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program, he was promoted to Managing Director, Sales & Marketing at Fibrenoire. "The EMBA program gave me the tools and knowledge to analyze and reflect according to different mindsets, helping my actions to be more impactful," says Alexis.

A promotion for Marco De Tavira Ayala, a current EMBA participant, at Bombardier Aerostructures and Engineering Services

Marco De Tavira Ayala, a current McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA participant, has recently been appointed as Section Chief Project Engineering Global 7000 Green A/C at Bombardier Aerostructures and Engineering Services. Marco will now coordinate the EWIS Green A/C engineering activities across all business sites, being; Montreal, Toronto, and Global Completions Center. “This new role is an opportunity I created for myself by applying my learnings from the program in my role. I am already taking advantage of the Collaborative IP to establish the strategy to take on my new responsibilities and to empower my team” explained Marco to the EMBA team.

Captain André-Pierre Jean receives the CRHA* – Diversity and Inclusion Award

Captain André-Pierre Jean receives the Certified Human Resources Advisors - Diversity and Inclusion Award At this year’s Gala in support of the CRHA* Foundation, Captain André-Pierre Jean, 2nd Canadian Division of the Canadian Armed Forces, a current McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA participant, received the HR Recognition Award for Diversity and Inclusion. This award is given to an organization that has implemented a program promoting the ethno-cultural diversity of its workforce, be it through recruitment, business strategy, or adherence to values of inclusion. André-Pierre Jean worked on establishing and growing a major project: the implementation an advisory committee focused on differences and support for various minorities within the Ministry of National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces in Quebec. The project, now called Équipe D + (Diversity +), was André’s idea. In less than two years, Équipe D + has brought together more than 55 volunteer members who are working on ways to promote the inclusion of minorities. The team consists of six sub-committees: Women, LGBTQ2 +, Aboriginal Peoples, Persons with Disabilities, Visible Minorities and Religions / Spirituality. They have organized several activities and participated in a number of events such as Pride Canada, in order to help minorities feel accepted within the Canadian Armed Forces. * Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors

François Senez is appointed Assistant Vice President, CWA at National Bank

François Senez (left) & Michel Filion, Recruitment Director, EMBA (right)Photo credit: Jim Mneymneh creatingwithlight.com François Senez is appointed Assistant Vice President, CWA at National Bank François Senez, midway through his EMBA at McGill-HEC Montreal, has just taken on a new challenge.  His 12 years of experience in the financial services sector, and his evolving leadership skills, developed in part through the EMBA, have led to his appointment as Assistant Vice President, CWA (Central, Western & Atlantic Canada) at National Bank.  Changing jobs, changing cities, and completing the Executive MBA. It’s a tall order, but François has the energy and focus to succeed. As Assistant Vice President, he will have to mobilize a team of Financial Planning Managers, a role he held himself until his appointment, in their day-to-day management of Financial Planners. François will also be in charge of developing and implementing strategies to increase the National Bank's market share in the investment sector. As the leader of a team of seasoned financial planning managers, François will be putting into practice several aspects of management that he has developed further during the EMBA, including, among others, coaching, collaboration and strategy development.

Isabel Dansereau becomes Executive Director of the Old Port of Montreal Corporation

Isabel Dansereau becomes Executive Director of the Old Port of Montreal Corporation Last week, the Old Port of Montreal Corporation announced the appointment of its new Executive Director; Isabel Dansereau. Isabel is a current participant in the McGill-HEC Montréal Executive MBA program. In her new role, Isabel will manage a 2.5 km recreational and tourism site that welcomes more than 7 million visitors a year and is at the very beginning of a major revitalization process. One of her main challenges over the coming months will be to implement a common vision for the two business units of the Corporation - the Old Port site and the Montréal Science Center - in a rapidly changing organization. "This is an amazing opportunity. Thanks to the conceptual framework developed through the various modules of the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal program and the rich exchanges with my peers in the cohort, I feel perfectly ready to take up this challenge. More specifically, the notions I saw during the Collaborative Mindset module helped me acquire tools that will be very useful for me in unlocking the immense potential of the teams now under my responsibility. "

Leadership and Learning with Pierre Marcouiller, Patron of the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal class of 2019

Pierre Marcouiller, Patron of the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal class of 2019, invited ‘his’ class, the current EMBA cohort, to breakfast, for a lively discussion of leadership and learning. Marcouiller is Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Camso Inc. since April 2017, after having been Chairman of its Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer since 2000. To get the conversation started, he asked the class about the key things they’ve learned in the program so far. The responses were telling. Participants all talked about personal change and perspective change, rather than specific tools that they’ve integrated into their work.  They talked about the importance of taking time to reflect, of stopping to think before acting.  They also talked about how time management has improved, and how hard it is to learn the lesson that “good is enough”.  They feel enriched by now having the language to express their ideas and convey their messages more clearly. They feel more confident, in general, but also in speaking in front of groups.  They understand the value of diversity, because from the moment they set foot in class, they’ve been learning new perspectives from the different industries and areas of expertise represented in the class.  They’ve learned to navigate and embrace the grey zones, accepting that there’s value in the grey zone, and not all is black and white. Mr. Marcouiller summarized all of these insights with a captivating picture: “Taking the time to go up to the balcony”.  By this he meant, when you’re in the heat of the action, you can only see your immediate surroundings – by going up to the balcony, you get a broader view and can see if you’re really going to [...]

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10 very good reasons to do an EMBA

There are as many reasons to  do a program like the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA as there are candidates to the program. We  asked the participants who started the program recently, all experienced managers and entrepreneurs, what  their own reasons were for doing the program. Here are some of their anonymous answers,  grouped into «10 very good reasons to do an EMBA»! 1. Self Development “I feel humbled by what there is still to learn”. «Faire le point de mes connaissances et aptitudes, évaluer mon niveau de connaissances et de compétences dans le domaine de la gestion stratégique à une échelle plus grande que celle à laquelle mon expérience actuelle m'a exposé - ceci me permettra de déceler mes points d'amélioration et d’y travailler pour être capable de mieux servir mon entreprise et l'humanité en général.» «Pour moi, c’est le besoin de me ressourcer tant au niveau professionnel que personnel.» “I think that the EMBA will help me better understand myself and have a better perspective of how successful leaders face and overcome challenges.” 2. Have an impact within my organization ‘Further strengthen my contribution to the growth of the company while increasing my knowledge of business management theory to become the global leader that I strive to be.’ «Faire la différence dans la livraison de mes mandats.» «La compagnie que j’ai fondée il y a plusieurs années a besoin d’innover, d’une nouvelle vision, d’obtenir le nouveau pouls du monde des affaires.» ‘I want to adapt as many new concepts and procedures in our organization in order to keep it current.’ «Je suis persuadé que mon entreprise pourrait atteindre un autre niveau si mes compétences managériales et ma vision stratégique atteignaient un niveau supérieur.» 3. Prepare [...]

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43 Leaders and Entrepreneurs Go Back to School

Welcome to the 43 new participants of the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program! 43 experienced executives, entrepreneurs and professionals recently started the McGill - HEC Montréal Executive MBA program. Specifically designed for senior executives, the EMBA consists of nine modules centred in part around the Managerial Mindsets developed by renowned professor Henry Mintzberg. Even though the group has vast business experience (17 years, on average), they still arrived for their first day of school feeling nervous. Happily, that nervousness also included excitement and a contagious energy. Despite the diversity of their journeys and the different reasons they have for undertaking this demanding program, the participants of this tenth cohort of the EMBA share a number of characteristics: : their desire to improve, to step back and have an impact; their courage to compare and contrast their experiences with those of experienced colleagues and professors; their humility to question their knowledge, attitudes and ways of doing things; their willingness to take the time, despite their busy schedules, to develop, as leaders and as individuals. The 2019 (graduation year) cohort in a nutshell: Average age 41 Average experience 17 (787 years total) Avg management experience 12 (536 years total) Speaking > 2 languages 54% # industries 25 Entrepreneurs 24% Male/Female 63/37 Here are the 43 participants in the tenth cohort: Karine Assal, Directrice de l'administration, Fonds de recherche du Québec Anne-Marie Atallah, Vice-president, Franchise owner, L'Equipeur Marie-Pier Bergevin, Directrice principale,Engagement de la marque, Commandites, Amérique du nord, BMO Groupe financier Yves Bérubé, Conseiller en Management, Groupe KOALA Manon Boisclair, Head- Global Publication Operations, Celgene Corporation Chloé Boissonnault, Directrice Générale Communications et Marketing, Bell Média Rémy Boivin, Président, OPTIQUE TÉLÉCOM INC. Florent Bojarski, Sales and Marketing Manager, Mantoria Inc [...]

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CS North America selected for UbiMobility

Laurent Pieraut (EMBA 2010) announces CS North America’s selection for UbiMobility program CS Communications and Systems Canada (now also known as CS North America) was recently selected as one of 2017 startups for the UbiMobility program. Laurent Pieraut, CS North America CEO, graduated from the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA in 2010, while Program & Business Development Manager Amine Smires will be starting the Executive MBA program this September. UbiMobility is a nine-month acceleration program run by Bpifrance and Business France to give companies in the connected and autonomous car field a leg up in the United States. The program has already proved its worth. The 16 startups selected for the second edition of the program in 2016 raised nearly € 50 million in financing and 11 of them have launched operations in the United States. CS Communications and Systems Canada is developing a software validation method called NADIA which helps to generate test scripts of hundreds of lines of code in seconds, drastically reducing test costs.