François Senez is appointed Assistant Vice President, CWA at National Bank

François Senez (left) & Michel Filion, Recruitment Director, EMBA (right)Photo credit: Jim Mneymneh François Senez is appointed Assistant Vice President, CWA at National Bank François Senez, midway through his EMBA at McGill-HEC Montreal, has just taken on a new challenge.  His 12 years of experience in the financial services sector, and his evolving leadership skills, developed in part through the EMBA, have led to his appointment as Assistant Vice President, CWA (Central, Western & Atlantic Canada) at National Bank.  Changing jobs, changing cities, and completing the Executive MBA. It’s a tall order, but François has the energy and focus to succeed. As Assistant Vice President, he will have to mobilize a team of Financial Planning Managers, a role he held himself until his appointment, in their day-to-day management of Financial Planners. François will also be in charge of developing and implementing strategies to increase the National Bank's market share in the investment sector. As the leader of a team of seasoned financial planning managers, François will be putting into practice several aspects of management that he has developed further during the EMBA, including, among others, coaching, collaboration and strategy development.

Richad Jiva Lila (EMBA 2018) and his success story at National Bank

A renewed global perspective, a change project with impact and a promotion to deputy Vice-President Richad Jiva Lila is confident that "the financial services of tomorrow will be a mix of technology and talent" and that the key to succeed in this environment is "to go faster through digital and to differentiate through the relationships we build". Richad Jiva Lila has worked at National Bank for over twenty years, yet he feels that the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program has led him to see some aspects of the organization differently: "The EMBA has really been a source of value creation for me and for my organization. The program allowed me to have an overall organizational perspective, to pivot our business model by analyzing our blind spots in order to create a unique value proposition for our customers. " During the EMBA, participants are asked to implement a change project in their organization. In his own change project, Richad developed "The Institutional Boutique", an element which is today at the heart of the change in strategy at the Bank. "It's very interesting at this point to see how the theory conveyed in the EMBA actually has an impact on the corporate strategy, but above all, creates value for the customer," Richad explains. During the EMBA, in addition to the impact of his change project for the organization, Richad was also promoted to Deputy Vice President for National Bank. "My role as Deputy VP has two components: the business development side, for institutional clients, but also the strategic initiatives component (technological projects and corporate strategies) for a subsidiary of National Bank, National Bank Trust, serving clients such as: pension plans, foundations, religious communities or private holdings. "What I [...]

Nadim Ladha Promoted Community Manager, RBC

New Community Manager for Outaouais, at RBC: Nadim Ladha (EMBA 2017) With barely enough time to catch his breath after graduating from EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal, and only 10 months after his last promotion, Nadim Ladha has been promoted to Community Manager for the Outaouais Region at RBC Royal Bank. The official announcement of his appointment described Nadim as "an outstanding leader," a person who "stands out at all levels, from employee surveys to his team’s financial results and client surveys" and whose motto is "Be the customers’ first choice". Nadim believes that he is a better manager today, thanks to all he learned from his Executive MBA classmates.  Many of them had more experience than Nadim, and were very open about sharing their insights and experiences.

Marie-Lucie Paradis appointed to Regional Vice-President, Montreal Region at Intact

Marie-Lucie Paradis has been appointed to Regional Vice-President, Montreal Region at Intact. After 15 years in the claims department where she held several management positions and having recently completed the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program, she felt ready for a new challenge within the organization. In her new role, she will be responsible for underwriting, as well as relationships and business development with broker network. “The other side of what I used to do!” says Marie-Lucie. She believes that, thanks to the EMBA program, she now has a broader vision of the organization, but also of the different issues at play, which will certainly help her as she adapts to her new role. In addition, she feels more confident at the prospect of managing multiple challenges simultaneously: “We do not realize it, but one of the things the EMBA teaches us, as we study, have a full-time job and a family with young children, is to manage many projects at once. As a manager, and particularly in a new role, this is invaluable.”

Joe Argento (EMBA 2016) joins Industrial Alliance

Industrial Alliance recently welcomed Joe Argento, EMBA 2016, as Director of Construction and Technical Services, Real Estate Investments. One of his first tasks in his new role will be to assist and ensure standardization of project management and procurement procedures. "I think many aspects of my EMBA will be useful to me in this challenge and in my new position, in general," said Joe. In the early days, he believes that the Reflective Mindset and Operational Excellence modules will be the most useful. Subsequently, as he works on the implementation of growth strategies, several of the elements covered in the program will be valuable, "particularly in the areas of change management and collaborative management". "In fact, the EMBA has provided me with tools to deal with almost any challenges faced by a business in a changing stage, and that is exactly the situation in which I now work at Industrial Alliance."    

Nadine Proulx (EMBA 2016) is now the HR Vice-President, for the IT, Marketing and Corporate Development tower at National Bank

Nadine Proulx, a 2016 McGill-HEC Montréal Executive MBA graduate, has recently been appointed to Human Resources Vice-President, IT, Marketing and Corporate Development tower at National Bank. This “delivery tower” is a smaller, more senior multidisciplinary team with more power to take action and make decisions dedicated to the IT, Marketing and Corporate Development business sectors. It is one of four teams created recently by National Bank in a desire to simplify their processes as part of the bank’s HR sector’s multi-channel transition. In her new role, there is one particular element and quote from the Executive MBA that Nadine always keeps in mind: “As leaders, it is extremely important to listen and bond with our teams. As Robert Dutton* said when he came to class during the EMBA: ‘Les gens ne se souviennent pas de ce qu’on a dit ou fait, mais de quelle émotion on a suscitée’.” *Mr. Dutton is Former President and Chief Executive Officer of RONA, Chair of the EMBA McGill-HEC Advisory Board, and of HEC Montréal’s École des dirigeants Advisory Board and Adjunct Professor at HEC Montréal.

Jean-François Bertrand (EMBA 2014) is appointed as Vice President, Trading Systems, for TMX and the Toronto Stock Exchange

Jean-François Bertrand, a 2014 McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA program, has recently been appointed Vice President, Trading Systems for TMX (Canadian Derivatives Exchange or Bourse de Montréal) and the Toronto Stock Exchange. His new mandate is essentially a special mission to unify trading technologies throughout the TMX Group. “Program management will be a key element in consolidating our markets operations, including our trading engines, explains Lou Eccleston, Chief Executive Officer, TMX Group. Leading strategic and technological initiatives from a business perspective will enable us to transform TMX into an innovative and client-focused company. Nick Thadaney [Nicholas Thadaney, President and CEO, Global Equity Capital Markets] and I are pleased to announce that Jean-Francois Bertrand will assume this important role, reporting jointly to both of us. ” This promotion is Jean-François’s second appointment since completing his Executive MBA program. Here is how he describes the role played by the EMBA today and in his career so far: “The EMBA Mindset approach is different from what’s offered elsewhere and may seem surprising at first. Taking stock of how I’ve used my learning since I completed the program, I now see the powerful way in which that approach helps me in my career. Right now, the combination of Analytics and Collaborative mindsets is a potent mix when dealing with Directors and Executive Committee members.”

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