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Ginette Mailhot appointed President of the Board of Directors of Anges Québec

Ginette Mailhot appointed President of the Board of Directors of Anges Québec Ginette Mailhot is a real believer in supporting the development of the business community, and it shows in the moves she’s made since graduating from the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal in 2014.  She sold the insurance firm, la turquoise, of which she was CEO; she founded Capital Humain Plus, a consulting firm; she’s been appointed president of the board of the Economic Development Coporation of the Regional Municipality of Joliette (CDÉJ) and she joined Anges Québec. The success she’s having on this new path was underlined recently: she was named Chair of the Board of Directors of Anges Québec. As president of the board of directors of Anges Québec, she will contribute to the growth and the evolution of this network of 200 investor-members who invest in the diverse projects built by Québec’s entrepreneurs. The ‘angels’, Anges Québec’s members, are experienced entrepreneurs and professionals.  They contribute to the start-up and growth of new businesses in many ways: as coaches, board members, promoters or through collaboration on business strategies. Ginette reflects on how the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal has contributed to her development: "This program brought me a lot, even though I was already CEO of my company. The EMBA increased my self-confidence and gave me a different perception of myself as a manager and leader, which in turn enabled me to improve myself. I am a person who ‘goes for it’.  I follow my instincts.  The EMBA has given me the tools to develop my vision and my ideas more formally, in order to make them understand and accepted, which is very important on a board of directors. The EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal program and the [...]

Stephane Dodier (EMBA 2010) is appointed VP, IT at Promutuel Assurance

Stephane Dodier (EMBA 2010) is appointed Vice President Information Technology for Promutuel Assurance Stephane Dodier, a 2010 McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA graduate, has recently been appointed Vice President Information Technology for Promutuel Assurance, the 4th largest property and casualty insurer in Quebec. Stephane is in charge of over 100 employees and a well-stocked project portfolio. Previously, Stephane held the position of General Manager, IT Governance, Security and Risk, Americas Region for AIMIA, a firm specialized in loyalty programs. He was also Vice President, Information Technology for Optimum Financial Group and La Capitale General Insurance. Early in his career, he worked for Oracle and subsequently founded his own consulting firm. The latter was acquired in June 2000 by Covansys. Despite his impressive journey, Stephane was humble enough to admit that he still had a lot to learn. He started the EMBA program ten years ago. He appreciates that the program had a considerable impact on the subsequent stages of his career: "The learning received during my EMBA  is still relevant today. It has served me in recent years and will be useful to me once again in this new role.  I have particularly maximized the value of the modules dealing with innovation and business strategy. "

Francine Laurin Named District VP – Quebec Region at TD

Francine Laurin (EMBA 2011) Appointed District Vice-President for the Quebec Region at TD Francine Laurin, a 2011 McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA graduate, was recently appointed District Vice-President for the Quebec Region at TD. She had worked as Associate Vice-President for TD Direct Investments for the previous three years. Francine began her career with TD more than 35 years ago and has held various executive positions in Retail Banking, Telephone Channel, TD Insurance and, more recently, TD Direct Investments. She is a natural leader, passionate about her work and committed to the well-being, development and career progress of her employees. Over the years, she has demonstrated her skills and enthusiasm in discovering and developing new talents. Recently, at a conference organized by Les Affaires, Francine explained how the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA had influenced her leadership style and given her confidence to be the leader she is.

Appointment of Pierre Rajotte (EMBA 2016) at the National Bank

Pierre Rajotte (EMBA 2016) appointed Senior Manager, Strategy and Projects for National Bank Direct Brokerage Pierre Rajotte, a 2016 McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA graduate, has recently been appointed to the role of Senior Manager, Strategy and Projects for National Bank Direct Brokerage (NBDB). Pierre, who has extensive experience in financial services, was already working within National Bank's Marketing department as a project management consultant. Pierre will be a member of the management committee of NBDB and will report directly to its president, Laurent Blanchard (EMBA 2016). After having spent fifteen months in the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal program together, Pierre and Laurent already share a great deal of complicity which is certainly a valuable advantage. "Together, we will do great things!" said Pierre with confidence. As part of his new role, Pierre will focus on the challenges of transforming the financial community, as he will be in charge of projects belonging to NBDB and cross-section initiatives within the Wealth Management Group and at National Bank of Canada. "I bring a fresh look and a varied experience to the excellent team already in place," says Pierre.

EMBA Panel on Governance

June 13th, 2017 at 6 PM: EMBA Panel on Governance Good corporate governance is of great value to organizations.  There are many dimensions to good governance, including, among others, consideration of the different stakeholders of the organization, and contribution to its strategy, risk and performance management. Avec ce type de responsabilités viennent de nombreux défis et enjeux : la rémunération des principaux dirigeants de l’organisation, de même que la rémunération de ses administrateurs, la diversité, la répartition hommes-femmes, la priorisation des objectifs stratégiques, la création de valeur. Ce panel a pour but d’aborder ces différents enjeux et défis, sous l’angle de différents industries et types d’organisation afin de susciter une réflexion, un questionnement et une discussion sur le sujet grâce à des exemples concrets liés à l’expérience personnelle de gouvernance des différents panélistes. Ce panel est une collaboration entre le programme d’Executive MBA McGill-HEC Montréal et la Gouvernance au Féminin. Déroulement :          18 h : Cocktail          19 h : Mot de bienvenue et introduction du sujet par Louise St-Pierre          19 h 15 : Panel de discussion animé par Caroline Codsi          20 h : Période de questions Modérateur : Caroline Codsi, présidente et fondatrice de La Gouvernance au Féminin Panélistes : Louise St-Pierre, ex-présidente et chef de la direction de Cogeco Connexion (marraine de la cohorte actuelle de l'EMBA et membre du comité aviseur de l'EMBA) Josée Duplessis (EMBA 2016), chef de cabinet pour le ministre de la Famille, des Enfants et du Développement social du Canada Guillaume Lavoie (EMBA 2016), associé chez Lavery Avocats pratiquant dans le domaine du capital-investissement et des fusions et acquisitions et membre du conseil d’administration du cabinet Ginette Mailhot (EMBA 2014), fondatrice de Capital Humain Plus, présidente du CA de la Corporation de Développement Économique de la MRC de Joliette et administratrice pour Anges Québec, la turquoise [...]

Marie-Lucie Paradis appointed to Regional Vice-President, Montreal Region at Intact

Marie-Lucie Paradis has been appointed to Regional Vice-President, Montreal Region at Intact. After 15 years in the claims department where she held several management positions and having recently completed the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program, she felt ready for a new challenge within the organization. In her new role, she will be responsible for underwriting, as well as relationships and business development with broker network. “The other side of what I used to do!” says Marie-Lucie. She believes that, thanks to the EMBA program, she now has a broader vision of the organization, but also of the different issues at play, which will certainly help her as she adapts to her new role. In addition, she feels more confident at the prospect of managing multiple challenges simultaneously: “We do not realize it, but one of the things the EMBA teaches us, as we study, have a full-time job and a family with young children, is to manage many projects at once. As a manager, and particularly in a new role, this is invaluable.”

Nadine Proulx (EMBA 2016) is now the HR Vice-President, for the IT, Marketing and Corporate Development tower at National Bank

Nadine Proulx, a 2016 McGill-HEC Montréal Executive MBA graduate, has recently been appointed to Human Resources Vice-President, IT, Marketing and Corporate Development tower at National Bank. This “delivery tower” is a smaller, more senior multidisciplinary team with more power to take action and make decisions dedicated to the IT, Marketing and Corporate Development business sectors. It is one of four teams created recently by National Bank in a desire to simplify their processes as part of the bank’s HR sector’s multi-channel transition. In her new role, there is one particular element and quote from the Executive MBA that Nadine always keeps in mind: “As leaders, it is extremely important to listen and bond with our teams. As Robert Dutton* said when he came to class during the EMBA: ‘Les gens ne se souviennent pas de ce qu’on a dit ou fait, mais de quelle émotion on a suscitée’.” *Mr. Dutton is Former President and Chief Executive Officer of RONA, Chair of the EMBA McGill-HEC Advisory Board, and of HEC Montréal’s École des dirigeants Advisory Board and Adjunct Professor at HEC Montréal.

Nadim Ladha is appointed to Westmount Market and Branch Manager at RBC

Nadim Ladha is a banker on the move.  He has been with RBC since 2005, beginning his career as an account manager and rising quickly through the ranks to branch manager.  Wanting to equip himself to take on more senior roles, and with the bank’s backing, Nadim applied to the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program in 2015.  He was one of the youngest in his class, but with the skills he developed in his different previous roles at RBC, his management experience and his determination, he was accepted.  It is also these qualities, combined with his EMBA, that helped him reach his new position as Westmount Market and Branch Manager: "The EMBA has definitely solidified my management skills and gave me the credibility to position myself for this new role, he says." In his new role, Nadim will be responsible for a range of market development projects. "In my new role, especially when doing business development, the EMBA will help me bring a new perspective, encourage people to think outside the box and push the boundaries of innovation in an industry that often lack creativity: financial institutions."

Pierre Rajotte (MBA 2016) is appointed Executive Director at Sionic Advisors Inc

Pierre Rajotte recently completed the McGill- HEC Montréal EMBA program and has accepted the role of Executive Director at Sionic Advisors Inc. a consulting firm launched in 2014.

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