EMBA alumni in Canadian Business’ Profit 500

Pascal Lépine (EMBA 2012), Stéphane Rouleau (EMBA 2013) and Vincenzo Giorgio (EMBA 2011) in Canadian Business’ Profit 500 Canadian Business’ Profit 500 ranking is out, and two companies led by McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA alumni are on it. The ranking lists companies that are beating the times by experiencing big growth over the past five years. Atypic is a Montreal-based professional-services firm that works with organizations in the plural sector, and is headed by President Pascal Lépine (EMBA 2012). Spiria, with CEO Stephane Rouleau (EMBA 2013) at the helm, develops Web- PC- and mobile-based software solutions to help companies grow and streamline their operations. This is the sixth year in a row that Spiria has made it onto this prestigious list of most successful companies. Special mention also to Groupe Premier Médical, 221st, where Vincenzo Giorgio (EMBA 2011) is Chief Financial Officer. Source - McGill/Desautels :

Atypic – founded by Pascal Lépine (EMBA 2012) – acquires Leftbank

Pascal Lépine (EMBA 2012), Atypic’s president and founder, announces the acquisition of Leftbank Pascal Lépine, Atypic’s president and founder, who graduated from the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal in 2012, recently announced the company’s acquisition of Leftbank, a Toronto-based company that specializes in fundraising for charity and non-profit organizations (the plurial sector). “The acquisition of Leftbank consolidates our position as a leading Canadian full-service consulting agency for noplural sectorn-profit and charitable organizations in the plural sector. It marks one more important step in our continual desire to better serve the Quebec and Canadian plural sectors,” explains Pascal in the official press release. Pascal graduated from the EMBA program five years ago but the impact of the EMBA hasn’t diminished: “The EMBA has had an incredible impact on my professional life. Much more than what I had anticipated or even hoped. At the end of the EMBA, inspired by Henry Mintzberg, who supervised my final paper and with whom I maintain strong ties, I decided to change my business model to focus on the plural sector. In the first year following that decision, my business turnover doubled.” says Pascal. The Leftbank acquisition is directly linked to Atypic’s reorientation. In 2014, Pascal shared seven pieces of advice for entrepreneurs considering an EMBA which are still very relevant: read here.

Indu Krishnamurthy Named Executive Director of ACEM

Indu Krishnamurthy (EMBA 2015) Named Executive Director of the Montreal Community Loan Fund (ACEM) — Microcrédit Montréal The Montreal Community Loan Fund’s Board of Directors and its senior management recently announced the appointment of Indu Krishnamurthy, a 2015 McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA graduate, to the position of Executive Director of ACEM — Microcrédit Montréal. She started her new duties in early June when she took part in the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference. Indu had already served as Deputy Executive Director for a year. She succeeds Anne Kettenbeil, who had served as ACEM Executive Director for 17 years. A graduate of the McGill-HEC Montréal Executive MBA, Indu has extensive experience in banking, corporate relations, and strategic planning. Over the past ten years, she has worked with ACEM in different roles, including coordinating the Foreign Credential Recognition Loan Program. “I am excited and confident to take on this new challenge, with the knowledge that I have the EMBA family who will be there to support, to question and to reflect on how we can collaborate together to build a more inclusive and prosperous society,” said Indu. * Indu received the McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA scholarship for non-profit organization manager:

Pascal Lépine (EMBA 2012) joins the Board of Imagine Canada

  Pascal Lépine (EMBA 2012) was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Imagine Canada. Imagine Canada is a national charitable organization whose mission is to strengthen and support Canadian charities and nonprofits so they may better serve and engage individuals and communities here and around the world. This is a great mark of respect for the work Pascal and his company are doing for the development of community and non-profit organizations in Quebec. Pascal Lépine is the founder and president of Atypic, an advertising agency. After completing his final paper for the EMBA program on communityship, Pascal decided to dedicate his business exclusively to working for organizations in the plural sector. The transformation has been an amazing success.  It took courage to turn away lots of business not related to his new focus, but Pascal and Atypic have never looked back.

How to Be a Better Leader: 4 Key Learnings from Leaders with Different Perspectives

This year’s McGill-HEC Montréal Executive MBA scholarship recipients presented what it is like to do business in their respective environments to their classmates. Leanne Bayer, the Executive Director of West Island Community Shares (WICS), spoke about her extensive experience in the non-profit sector and particularly of her ten years in Burundi, where she arrived shortly after the end of the civil war. Jason Annahatak, Director of the Kativik School Board, Post-Secondary Student Services, spoke about Nunavik and the Inuit culture and way-of-life, sharing advice on how to do business in the Arctic.

A major career change for Jean-Christophe Coppenrath

By 2017, Jean-Christophe Coppenrath will have completed his EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal journey and will have started his new job with Doctors Without Borders as Coordinator of Human Resources.  In this role, he will face the challenge of working in emergency situations caused by armed conflict, epidemics and disasters. He thinks the EMBA will certainly be useful in this new environment: “The EMBA helped me better appreciate the importance of empathy in the workplace, which will be especially significant in some of the volatile environments I will be working in. Moreover, the reflection sessions helped me deliberate on and analyze my past actions and decisions, and reflect on how I can improve my decision making in the future and avoid reacting impulsively - even when I'm under pressure to take quick decisions.” This is an important career move for Jean-Christophe, who originally graduated with a BA in political science and who has mainly worked in the financial and consultation sector. He will, however, be able to draw on his extensive experience in different cultural environments including the Middle East and North Africa as he has been based in Egypt for the past 6 years. “I was also able to switch careers, something I had been anticipating for a while, through the program's network, as one of my colleagues introduced me to the recruiting team at Doctors Without Borders.”

Indu Krishnamurthy invited as guest speaker at the 2016 Oxford Business Poverty Conference

Indu Krishnamurthy graduated from the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program a year ago, in 2015. Indu is a Project Coordinator at ACEM (the Association of Community Loan of Montreal). The goal of ACEM is to promote inclusion for new immigrants, which they do through providing micro-loans for new immigrants to have their foreign credentials certified in Canada or for them to start entrepreneurial ventures. The interest on these loans goes back into the lending fund, so those receiving micro-loans also pay it forward. Indu presented her organization’s model during the Sustainability Challenge Module of the EMBA program, and has been invited to present it at the Business & Poverty Conference organized by Saïd Business School, Oxford, England this summer. The Second Annual Conference on Business and Poverty, being held on 4-5 July, will focus on business, social impact and growth. Speakers from around the world will address topics as diverse as the social impact of supply chains; how impact investment can bring new resources to create jobs and fight poverty; and the role of educational institutions in interrupting cycles of poverty. *Indu Krishnamurthy received the 2014 McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA Non-Profit Manager Scholarship.  

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The man who made Latin America sing – with the Rolling Stones

The song "You Can’t Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones is known around the world. During the tour Rolling Stones’ Olé Tour of Latin America, local choirs sang that song along with the band in the show's encore. AEG Live, the tour’s promoter/producer, asked Mark Gillespie, a current EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal participant, to audition, contract, and prepare local choirs to sing with the band in each of 13 stadium concerts, from Argentina to Mexico. Mark Gillespie, who is also the creative director and General Manager of YOA Orchestra of the Americas, contributed to the success of the historic Rolling Stone show in La Havana; the first concert by an Anglo-American rock band in Cuba’s history. For this performance, the deadlines were very tight and expectations were high, as recalls Digna Guerra, director of the chosen choir called “Entrevoces”, who also highlighted Mark’s great work, in the local media. Mark was in Mexico City recently for what was supposed to be the last concert, before the final date was added in Cuba. Here are some of the pictures he took.  

A new TV show on ICI RDI highlights the journey of Joey Adler (EMBA 2014)

In the show "VOCATION: LEADER" aired on ICI RDI, Gérald Fillion, meets entrepreneurs and decision makers from Quebec. On February 13, the episode will highlight Joey Adler’s journey and goals.

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Louise Richer is appointed to the Order of Canada

Louise Richer is among the 69 Canadians newly appointed to the Order of Canada by his Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada. She was nominated “for her contributions to the development and dissemination of the performing arts as director of the École nationale de l’humour.”