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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you the joy of family, the gift of friendship, and much learning, sharing and discovering in the New Year. Happy Holidays!

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Jean-Marc Taillon (EMBA 2010) is appointed to Vice President – IT at Aimia Canada

In January 2015, Jean-Marc Taillon, an alumnus of the first McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA cohort, was appointed Vice President - Information Technologies, Canada at Aimia. Aimia is a Montreal-based company based which manages various loyalty programs including Aeroplan, in Canada.

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Bernard Truong (EMBA 2013) is appointed to Chief Advisor, Third Party Risk at National Bank

Bernard Truong, a 2013 EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal alumnus, was appointed to Chief Advisor, Third Party Risk at National Bank. As part of his new role, Bernard will be responsible for developing a complete and integrated governance framework outlining third party risks management and deploying it to all areas of the Bank. He will work with all stakeholders involved in the negotiation and management of agreements with the Bank’s suppliers in order to ensure that the risks incurred by the Bank are managed proactively.

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How does an Executive MBA differ from a traditional MBA? The main difference between an EMBA and an MBA is their participants. An EMBA participant typically has more life and work experience than an MBA student, including significant management experience. For example, participants in the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal program have a minimum of 10 years of work experience and 5 years of management experience, although the program average is closer to 10 years of management experience and 17 years of work experience.  This EMBA program has among the most experienced participants of any EMBA in North America. EMBA participants are experienced managers, so the program can presume a certain depth of business knowledge. The pedagogical approach can include the sharing of knowledge and expertise between participants in the class. In the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal, this means the class can address issues that couldn’t be addressed with a less experienced group. Since the participants are managers and leaders, management issues are addressed in the program just as they are encountered in real life. Another key difference is that Executive MBA participants continue their careers while they study.  For most, they are looking to enhance their competences and accelerate their careers, usually while remaining in their organization. In contrast, full-time MBA students are most often looking to reposition their careers and will interrupt their working-life for one or two years in order to do so. Finally, the schedule of an Executive MBA program is adapted to the reality of working managers. So how to choose between an EMBA and an MBA? The choice is a very personal one. It should be centred on your current reality, your experience and your aspirations. If you are looking to combine [...]

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Roberto Sbrugnera (EMBA 2010) is appointed to Vice President Treasury Risk & Investor Relations at Metro Inc.

Roberto Sbrugnera, an alumnus of the first EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal cohort, in 2010, has recently been appointed to the position of Vice President Treasury Risk & Investor Relations at Metro Inc, the only major Canadian food distribution company to have its head office in Quebec.

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Un programme pour gestionnaires d’expérience

In French only Qu’est-ce que l’EMBA McGill HEC Montréal? L’EMBA McGill HEC Montréal est un programme de MBA pour cadres et gestionnaires passionnés qui détiennent un minimum de cinq ans d’expérience en gestion et de dix ans sur le marché du travail. Le programme s’étend sur 15 mois pendant lesquels les participants poursuivent leurs activités professionnelles. Les cours ont lieu une fois par mois, du jeudi au dimanche. Conforme à la réalité du milieu des affaires canadien, le programme adopte une formule bilingue. Vous connaissez déjà les forces de HEC Montréal. Le programme étant issu d’un partenariat entre HEC Montréal et l’université McGill, il bénéficie des forces jointes des deux institutions: des professeurs de renommée internationale, une capacité d’innovation et une connaissance du milieu des affaires reconnues. Comment l'EMBA peut-il vous aider à devenir le leader que vous désirez être? Le programme vise à répondre aux besoins en perfectionnement des gestionnaires chevronnés qui exercent d’ores et déjà une fonction de cadre supérieur ou s’y préparent. Il s’agit de permettre à des gestionnaires de se développer comme personne et comme leader tout en leur donnant les outils nécessaires pour avoir un réel impact dans leur organisation. Tout au long du programme, les participants seront encouragés et aidés à construire sur leurs forces et à adapter leurs faiblesses, mais surtout à comprendre davantage qui ils sont comme que leaders. La structure du programme reflète cette approche holistique. Les modules ne correspondent pas aux différentes fonctions traditionnelles de la gestion, mais sont plutôt basés sur la réalité et les besoins des gestionnaires eux-mêmes, sur les défis auxquels ils font face et enfin sur les outils qui leur seront utiles. Les problèmes sont abordés tels qu’ils sont rencontrés dans [...]

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Dr. Nathalie Saad (EMBA 2014) named chief of the pulmonary rehabilitation program at Mount Sinai Hospital

Nathalie Saad, pulmonologist and current participant in the McGill HEC Montreal EMBA program, was recently named chief of the pulmonary rehabilitation program at Mount Sinai Hospital in Montreal. The EMBA team is delighted to announce Dr. Saad’s new role, and we wish her all the best.      

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Ginette Mailhot, current EMBA participant, stands out in the insurance industry

In its August edition, «Le Journal de l’assurance» includes testimonials regarding the «Journée de l’assurance de dommages 2013» including one ​​by Monique Jérôme-Forget, former Quebec Finance Minister, who commented on the important role of women in the executive and management of the insurance industry. The Journal also featured 60 influential women in the Quebec insurance industry for 2013. The McGill HEC Montreal EMBA team would like to congratulate Ginette Mailhot, current participant of the EMBA program and President of la turquoise, who stands out in her industry as an influential manager! Congratulations Ginette!      

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Cohort 2011

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Cohort 2010


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