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ANALYTIC MINDSET — Managing Organizations

  • How does strategy happen in organizations?
  • How do structure and design impact on how organizations work?
  • How do we make strategic decisions and implement strategic initiatives?

The perspective underlying the Analytic Mindset extends far beyond traditional analytical methods, which often oversimplify issues to the point that they cannot adequately capture reality. The module will provide further understanding of how organizations work (and don’t work!) with a particular emphasis on the role of analysis in managing organizations of all forms and sectors. We will draw from what is considered a central tenet of strategic management: the relationship linking structure, strategy and environment.  This reflects three key tasks of the general manager, or CEO, of an organization: establishing the strategy of the firm, scanning and monitoring the environment and creating an organizational context supporting the execution of the strategy.

The module examines the strengths and limitations of analysis in organizations.


  • New perspectives on analytical tools
  • Going beyond quantitative data
  • New approaches to decision-making
  • How to avoid paralysis by analysis
  • How to tackle complex issues
  • Governance structures
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