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  • What is my value creation objective and what business model do I need to deliver it?
  • What levers and industry factors can I use to create value, while avoiding competitive disruption?
  • How can I align our resources and measure my success at creating value?

The value creation process – for customers, employees, shareholders and even society as a whole – is based on linking the firm’s resources and its strategic positioning. This value creation model can be shaken, though, by turbulence arising from new competitive dynamics, globalization, technological innovation and other factors. Skillful managers will be able to take advantage of these events to strengthen, renew and transform their value creation model and its corresponding business models to meet the challenges facing the organization.

Technologies develop, industries converge, new markets open – businesses need to look beyond traditional competitive advantages and develop new sources of value.


  • Responding to value-creation challenges
  • Making the most of a turbulent environment
  • Benefiting from the emergence of new business models
  • Mobilizing the firm’s resources
  • Reinventing the business model
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