Instead of teaching the conventional business silos, so common in management education, the program uses an integrated, multidisciplinary vision of management and focuses on the actual practice of management. It is structured around managerial mindsets, which draws on the research and acclaimed international leadership programs of Henry Mintzberg, McGill University’s best-selling author and renowned management thinker. The McGill – HEC Montréal EMBA program is predicated on the following principles and philosophies:

  • Participants are practicing managers with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Learning will be drawn from their own experience as well as that of their co-participants. As such, the program is highly participatory and encourages interaction and collaboration among participants.
  • Program content is rooted in reality and is issue-driven, focusing on current business matters, concerns and events that have an impact on decision making and management practices.
  • Like all MBA programs, analytical management tools and techniques will be presented, but in the McGill – HEC Montréal EMBA they are examined from a strategic angle.
  • The program incorporates the “Five Minds of a Manager” theory. As described in the Harvard Business Review article, by Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg, managing effectively relies on employing five managerial mindsetsThe Reflective Mindset: Managing Yourself, The Analytical Mindset: Managing Organizations, The Worldly Mindset: Managing Context, The Collaborative Mindset: Managing Relationships and The Catalytic Mindset: Managing Change.

modules-emba-structureSource: EMBA Brochure (Download here.)