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How to Be a Better Leader: Know How to Manage Growth

Entrepreneurs highlight three major traps to avoid while managing the growth of their companies.

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Pierre Phaneuf (EMBA 2012) launches JODOIN PHANEUF Inc., a new show production company

Pierre Phaneuf, a 2012 EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal graduate, and his colleague Benoît Jodoin have recently created a new show production company called JODOIN PHANEUF Inc. The company is a creative content provider for live entertainment, specializing in arena shows. The first JODOIN PHANEUF Inc. production is a new show that combines the sport of hockey with theatre and comedy. It will be premiering in the Greater Montreal Area in November 2016. This project is a living example of the networking power between the different cohorts of the EMBA program and the trust that prevails among the members of the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal community. Indeed, to date, there are five EMBA alumni who are working on this new show: Pierre Phaneuf (EMBA 2012), Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder Troy Duazo (EMBA 2013), Chief Operations Officer Serge Postigo (EMBA 2015), Show Director Philippe-Aubert Messier (EMBA 2013), Sound Designer Guy Gervais (EMBA 2013), Member of the Advisory Committee “It goes without saying that what we have learned during our EMBA has been put to good use, says Troy Duazo, COO of JODOIN PHANEUF Inc.  This is the best team project ever. We are very thankful for our amazing experience at the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal”. Pierre Phaneuf, Philippe-Aubert Messier, Guy Gervais, Troy Duazo and Serge Postigo

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Our Participant and Alumni Successes

Mary Kazamias (EMBA 2014) talks about translation in Advantage MagazineAdvantage Magazine portrays Ginette Mailhot (EMBA 2014)Apollo Group, co-founded by Philippe-Aubert Messier (EMBA 2013), gets worldwide coverage Édouard Biot (current EMBA participant) is appointed to Executive Vice President of the Nordik Group Michel Blais (EMBA 2014) is promoted to VP – Client Solutions at Cogeco Cable Canada Jean-Marc Taillon (EMBA 2010) is appointed to Vice President – IT at Aimia Laurent Pieraut (EMBA 2010) is Selected for “Reaching Summits” Nathalie Angibeau (EMBA 2013) helps Haiti get stronger An important promotion for Hugo Delorme, a current EMBA participant A big career change for Eric Bourbeau (EMBA 2010) Bernard Truong (EMBA 2013) is appointed to Chief Advisor, Third Party Risk at National Bank

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Apollo Group, co-founded by Philippe-Aubert Messier (EMBA 2013), gets worldwide coverage

Apollo Group, a Quebec company that specializes in audio services for advertising, co-founded by Paul Maco and Philippe-Aubert Messier, a 2013 EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal alumnus, isn’t running short of contracts in Quebec and Canada. They have produced, among other things, the music for the Toronto Raptors’ advertising campaign, the opening sequence on TVA Sports for Canadiens’ games and Gregory Charles’ videos at the casino. In order to attract more international customers and to diversify their activities they’ve moved into advertising production work, by launching a production company, 1ONE Production. 1ONE Production produces not just the sound, but all aspects of an advertisement (based on concepts developed by an advertising agency). In recent weeks, a spot they did to promote 1ONE production’s services, named "Jesus's Best Stunt", went viral and was #1 in all sorts of advertising trade blogs including Fast Company and AdWeek.   More in La Presse and Infopresse.

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