france-margaret-belangerQS TOPMBA permet, grâce à des événements, un site web et une publication imprimée, de faire connaître les différents aspects des programmes de MBA des plus grandes écoles du monde. Cette semaine, QS TOPMBA a publié une entrevue avec France Margaret Bélanger,  vice-présidente principale, chef des affaires juridiques au Canadiens de Montréal et diplômée de l’EMBA McGill – HEC Montréal en 2014, sur leur site web. L’entrevue aborde son changement de carrière, le plaisir qu’elle a eu à l’EMBA ainsi que le meilleur moment pour entreprendre un Executive MBA.

Voici quelques-unes des citations de France Margaret au cours de cette entrevue :

“My career as a corporate attorney has allowed me to be closely involved in a variety of business transactions over the years, but after practicing for 18 years, I wanted to be a better business advisor for my clients,” explains Bélanger. “The way to accomplish this was to acquire a better understanding of my clients’ business issues. The EMBA has allowed me to have a broader business perspective – much more strategic – and to have a clearer appreciation for what goes on in a business on a daily basis.”

“I believe that the combination of my legal background, my transactional experience and, most importantly, what I learnt on my EMBA has helped me to obtain my new role, which goes far beyond the legal sphere.”

“The EMBA from McGill – HEC Montreal enabled me to undertake my studies while continuing to carry on my mergers and acquisition practice.”

“As anticipated, it was hard work and challenging at times, especially from a time management standpoint. However, I had not expected the level of friendship that would be formed over the 15 month-period the cohort spent together, the amount of fun we had as a group and the support we were able to offer each other.”

“The EMBA also gave me a different appreciation of the interrelationships between the different aspects of a business. In addition, it taught me the importance of stepping back and seeing the big picture.”

“In order to make the most of the Executive MBA, and to be able to contribute in class, you need to be able to reflect on the learnings acquired in class, be they from the teachers or your classmates, and apply the same to your own environment,” she says.

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