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What is the biggest myth about going back to school? 

What surprised you the most?

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« I expected to find myself surrounded by very serious, overly competitive and self-confident individuals. I was not expecting to have much fun. I thought it was going to be all business. I was wrong, wrong, and wrong. From the start, I had the incredibly lucky experience of being paired with a peer-group of 4 wonderfully open, diverse and like-minded classmates that put all those preconceived ideas to rest. All the way through graduation and beyond, we share a bond that goes much deeper than business. Amine, Florent, Laurent and Romeo: for me, they were definitely the best surprise of the program. »

Isabelle Dansereau, Executive Director of the Old Port of Montréal Corporation Inc. – a division of Canada Lands Company Limited.

« Being too old to go back – easy! I witnessed people falling in love again with learning and the pursuit of knowledge no matter their age. »

Jason Taylor, Director, Head Government Sustainable Finance, Scotiabank