À l’image de tous les travaux à l’EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal, nous avons laissé le choix à nos diplômés de répondre aux questions dans la langue de leur choix. C’est pourquoi ce portrait est publié en langue anglaise seulement.

Michael Rodrigues (EMBA 2020)

Director, Ticketing Strategy & Digital Development

I believe that I am an example of someone that learned their trade by starting at the bottom and working their way up. I did not expect that it would be the start of a career in live events when I took a part-time job selling tickets at the Bell Centre box office. And yet, nearly two decades after taking that position, I’ve grown within the Groupe CH organization and achieved the title of Director of Ticketing and Digital Development.

I came to the EMBA program seeking new tools for my managerial toolkit but was unprepared for how deeply the experience would change me. The curriculum brought a vocabulary and structure to my informal managerial style. More importantly, my colleagues and their vast experience taught me not only how to be a better manager but also, I believe, how to be a better person.

If we truly manage as we are, then I believe that I am a far better manager today than I was at the start of the program.