Cette année, tout au long de décembre l’EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal a décidé de mettre en lumière des initiatives et histoires de diplômés qui travaillent à faire de demain un monde meilleur – un monde plus vert, plus diversifié, plus en santé, plus ouvert, etc.

Sami Fakhouri
EMBA 2012

Head of Delegation,
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

« One of the things the EMBA made me do is to think about what I want to do next, it turned out to be humanitarian work which made me follow a different career path, influenced by volunteering, moving from the private sector to the humanitarian one, and since 2014, I have been working for the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in different positions and countries, currently heading IFRC’s Delegation in Yemen. »

« The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world’s largest humanitarian network, bringing together local Red Cross and Red Crescent members (including the Canadian Red Cross) in more than 192 countries and 14 million volunteers for the good of humanity.

The mission of the IFRC is to inspire, encourage, facilitate and promote at all times all forms of humanitarian activities by National Societies, with a view to preventing and alleviating human suffering, contributing to the maintenance and promotion of human dignity and peace in the world. National Society volunteers are often first on the scene to respond when a disaster strikes. And they remain active within affected communities long after everyone else has left. In some cases, National Societies are the only organizations able to operate in countries experiencing disasters, conflicts, or a collapse in their social fabric.

As the IFRC Delegation in Yemen, we support the local National Society through its 22 branches all over Yemen and thousands of dedicated volunteers and staff to continue providing support to Yemeni people needing essential and lifesaving humanitarian services and care in areas that include health, through the support of the operations of health centres, ambulance services and first aid, access to precious water and sanitation, access to food and other humanitarian relief necessities, and in developing the capacities of the National Society in different areas that include management, volunteer development and training, finance and fundraising.

With the dedicated team in Yemen, we work hard to provide access to funding, technical expertise and on humanitarian diplomacy to advocate on behalf of Yemeni people with local authorities, other States, and other key stakeholders, informing and updating them on the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen and on the need to find an everlasting peace so that the people of Yemen can go back to enjoying a normal and peaceful life.

We support the National Society to get recognition of its work and access support from different countries, including Canada, international organisations, UN agencies, and other international bodies for the good of Yemeni people, and coordinate support with other Red Cross and Red Crescent members, including the Canadian Red Cross.

During the Covid pandemic, we also supported the National Society to respond to the pandemic in Yemen and in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and local health authorities. »