C’est une tradition dans notre programme que les participants choisissent un ou une collègue pour faire un discours à l’occasion de la conclusion de leurs études.  En anglais, ça s’appelle “The Valedictory Address” et la personne qui donne ce discours, c’est le Valedictorian.

This should be someone who exemplifies the spirit and philosophy of the program.  Someone who was engaged and committed throughout the program, and participated actively and constructively in team and classroom settings.  A person who had a positive impact on the learning atmosphere of the class and contributed to your collective learning.

The McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Class of 2022 has chosen Anne Favre, Strategic Martketing Director – Plant Care North America at Lallemand, to be this year’s valedictorian. 

Anne is generous, she’s genuine, she’s thoughtful, she’s supportive.

Au début de l’année, nous avons demandé à tout le monde de se décrire en un mot.  Le mot qu’Anne a choisi, c’est “enthousiaste”.  Oh yes!  If there was a photo in the dictionary for “enthousiaste”, it would be a photo of Anne.  Son enthousiasme a envahi la classe, et a tellement contribué à l’expérience de tout le monde.

Anne has a real thirst for learning and for trying new things. She understood from day one that there was so much to learn from each of her classmates, and she set about doing just that.  And she didn’t just learn from them, she also learned about them.  In her professional life, she’s focused on caring for plants in a way that protects the planet. That fits so well with the Anne we’ve come to know in the EMBA.  She treasures each and every one of her classmates, she’s always ready to help them grow, and they know it.

Anne, félications pour cette honneur bien mérité.

– Marianne Vandenbosch, EMBA Program Director