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Participants will be evaluated through a combination of exams, team exercises, group projects, presentations and/or class contribution.

The only exam is a take-home exam. It assesses the learnings of the “Decision-making Tools” module.

Change Project

During the length of the program, each participant will develop a “Change” – an individual program-long project focused on bringing about change in their own work environment.

Peer coaching

From the start of the program everyone joins a peer coaching team: a group of 5 or 6 classmates from different industries and non-competing organizations, with a professor as facilitator. Each member of the team becomes a coach for his or her peers, and in turn is coached by everyone else. The coaching is effective because it’s supportive, confidential and founded on trust. The team members are equals in the program, they come to know each other and their business situations very well, and critique each other’s projects, yet they are independent of each other’s day to day realities so can be effective observers and sounding boards. It’s a reciprocal process that provides important learning opportunities throughout the program.

Managerial Exchange

At a time in the program convenient to them, each participant will spend 2-3 days “shadowing” a co-participant in their workplace and 3-5 days hosting a co-participant.

Impact Papers

Participants will submit several papers relating the theories and learnings from the program to real aspects of their work environment. These provide an opportunity to explore job-related challenges in depth.

“New Business Challenge”

In teams, the participants develop a start-up or entrepreneurial projects as well as its business/value creation models. This will culminate in a pitch to a panel of venture capitalists on behalf of the startups. This ‘live’ project will provide the opportunity to apply the learnings of the year to a real-life situation, and to learn more about the world of entrepreneurs and venture capital in the process.
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Final Paper

Once the nine EMBA modules are successfully completed, participants embark on the final project.

  • Participants select a relevant management topic of research.
  • They are assigned an academic supervisor to coach them in literature review, data collection, data analysis and conclusions drawn.
  • The final product is a paper of approximately 15,000 words.
  • The project generally takes 4 months to complete.


Participants will be evaluated on each module through a combination of exams, team exercises, group projects, presentations and/or participation.

Important Note:

Learning in the program will be drawn from each participant’s managerial experience as well as that of their co-participants. Participation is essential in this program and will represent a significant portion of each module’s evaluation. As such, participants must be prepared to be present at each module and need to make work and personal arrangements to allow this.