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Executives, senior and mid-level managers, professionals and entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply to the McGill – HEC Montréal EMBA program.The program is designed for experienced managers with high achievement objectives and strong indications of leadership potential. Each applicant’s qualifications will be assessed by the admissions committee.

The admission criteria include:

  • Work Experience: A minimum of 10 years
  • Management Experience: A minimum of 5 years
  • Education: An undergraduate degree
    Candidates without undergraduate degrees, but with substantial managerial experience are encouraged to apply, as exceptional candidates may be admitted to the program.
  • Language: English and French
    Candidates must be able to speak and write in either English or French and must understand and be able to read the other language. Language test(s) may be required. Applicants will be informed directly, if this is the case. (See the Program Overview for further details on the bilingual format.)
  • Other Candidate Requirements: Demonstrated capacity for leadership, curiosity and ability to reflect

Wondering if you are a good fit? Send us a Resume

If you are interested in this program but do not necessarily fit all the criteria mentioned above, please send a resume to Our directors will evaluate your resume and respond to you as soon as possible regarding your possible application to the program.

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