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Indu Krishnamurthy, the EMBA 2014 scholarship recipient

The EMBA McGill -HEC Montreal presents its latest scholarship recipient, manager of a nonprofit organization Montreal, November XX, 2013 - The McGill HEC Montreal EMBA program awarded a scholarship covering half of program tuition fees to Mrs. Indu Krishnamurthy. This award is granted to one or two participants annually and is reserved for those working in non-profit organizations. Ms. Krishnamurthy is a project coordinator at the Montreal Community Loan Fund (ACEM), where she has worked since 2008. ACEM is a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight poverty and exclusion by helping people who have an economically viable project. Projects are not evaluated based on financial wealth, but rather on the ability to successfully complete the proposed project. Ms. Krishnamurthy is also co-chair of Refugee Community Action Network (ICAN).  ICAN serves as a platform where immigrants who run social enterprises can exchange experiences with Community Economic Development practitioners, to identify the best ways to support immigrants and refugees. The McGill HEC Montreal EMBA program has introduced her to managers from a wide range of industries, which broadens her perspective, and gives her new ideas to fuel her dream of "being the change she wants to see in the world". This scholarship program helps support social leadership, which is actively encouraged by the EMBA McGill HEC Montreal program. Moreover, these scholarships help ensure diversity of organizations represented by program participants: small and large companies, family businesses and non-profit organizations. Diversity and quality of participants are key criteria when selecting candidates for the program. How to apply for the scholarship Executives and senior managers in non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply to the McGill – HEC Montréal EMBA program. The admissions committee will consider each [...]

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Virtual Teams Demystified

A "virtual team" is a team that is geographically dispersed, or a team that works remotely. As virtual teams are becoming more commonplace, it is interesting to look into the factors that influence virtual team productivity. Alain Pinsonneault, co-director of the McGill - HEC Montreal EMBA program, is also a professor at McGill University. One of his recent articles, " Virtual Teams Demystified : An Integrative Framework for Understanding Virtual Teams ", written in collaboration with Olivier Caya (Université Sherbrooke) and Mark Mortensen (INSEAD, France), has recently been selected as the best article published in the "International Journal of e- Collaboration ( IJEC )" in 2013. The article develops a theoretical framework to understand the effectiveness of virtual teams based on many elements previously studied in the literature. The paper shows that there are key elements of virtual teams that influence the quality of their output, among which are: •the complementarity of expertise of the team members; • developing a culture of collaboration and sharing in the team; • developing a shared understanding of the goal of the team as well as the work process and culture of the team; • establishing a good interpersonal climate (in the form of trust and team cohesion); • and making sure that communication among team members is frequent and relies on different channels such as email, phone, video conferencing, and some face-to-face meetings. The study also has important implications for managers. The framework can be used to identify key success factors in managing virtual teams and also as a guide the managing such teams. Here is the abstract of the paper: Virtual teams have been researched intensely in the last ten years and there is a growing body [...]

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The EMBA Knowledge Fair – sharing expertise and building the network

As you might expect from a program whose participants are ranked best in Canada, and who average 18 years of work experience and 12 years of management experience, there’s a tremendous amount of knowhow in the class even before the professor steps into the room. A key philosophy of the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal is to ensure that knowledge gets shared.  Part of that comes through program design, where time is built in to each module for experience sharing. And part comes through the emphasis on networking and the importance of the class network. The EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal Knowledge Fair, during which the class spends two half days soaking in each other’s areas of expertise, taps both of these aspects, by sharing ideas and knowledge and cementing the network. How does the Knowledge Fair work? Everyone in the class volunteers their own areas of expertise, and indicates topics in which they are interested in learning more.  Using that information, topics were chosen for “Knowledge Booths”, for a fair held over two afternoons.  The topics are diverse, ranging from Catastrophe and business continuity planning, to The art of asking the right question, to China business strategies update, and many more.  Everyone in the class will have the chance to learn from at least 7 experts on topics of interest to them.  The cumulative experience of the class is hundreds of years, and the Knowledge Fair gives everyone a way to directly access that experience.  The fair’s orientation is practical: how is a particular topic dealt with successfully in business today? What are the learnings from real experiences? What REALLY works?  The Knowledge Fair gives the class a chance to learn from someone who’s ‘been there’ – asking [...]

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Winning with IT at Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

The Operational Excellence Module of the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal brought the learning to life by integrating expert executives into the curriculum to demonstrate how theory plays out in practice. Let’s take a closer look at one of those interactions.  Vineet Gupta, Senior Vice President and CIO at Fairmont Raffles Hotels International met with the class as a live case for Professor Alain Pinsonneault’s session on how to maximize the value of IT to enhance the performance of organizations. Professor Pinsonneault discussed IT from the perspective of management – how should managers work with IT to achieve their goals?  One of his key messages: “the key is not how much companies spend on IT, it is having the right IT at the right time deployed the right way and used the right way.”  He emphasized the importance of understanding that the nature of IT investments should be a function of the value creation model of the company, along with its culture, size and industry context. Vineet Gupta brought many of these concepts to life.  He’s very aware of the importance of the overall business model of the company as he thinks through next steps for IT, and actively looks for ways to enhance the company’s value.  He’s moved IT at Fairmont Raffles from a high cost support role, to an enabler for functional areas, and he’s sure to keep his eye on the ball, because at Fairmont Raffles IT is a profit center.  In order to get his ideas accepted, he needs to convince management of their value to the core business, and he readily admits that a third of his time is spent on this type of ‘sales’.  His team is always looking for ways [...]

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International Women’s Day

International Women's Day International Women's Day is coming and the EMBA team wishes to express how proud we are of our women graduates. We are particularly proud of the diversity of the EMBA cohorts, not only in with respect to gender, but also in terms of origins, career paths, sectors and industries. We are convinced that the diversity of the participants contributes to the program’s richness. Thus, in the March 8TH edition of Les Affaires, you will see the pictures of the 12 women who graduated on February 7th 2014, reflecting one of the many elements of our program’s diversity. In the next few weeks, advertisements showing the faces of the 34 EMBA 2014 graduates will be published in business newspapers across the country. Congratulations ladies, as well as gentlemen, graduates of the 2014 EMBA McGill HEC Montreal. See the advertisement

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Darcy Ferron (EMBA 2012), becomes Director of Operations at the CCC

Darcy Ferron, a 2012 EMBA McGill HEC Montreal alumnus, recently joined the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) in Ottawa as Director of Operations. This is an important career progression for Mr Ferron who has been working for several years in trade finance in the banking sector, experience that will serve him well in his new role. Congratulations.      

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France Margaret Bélanger (EMBA 2014) is nicknamed “The tricolor lawyer” by La Presse

PHOTO ANDRÉ PICHETTE, LA PRESSE France Margaret Bélanger completed the EMBA McGill HEC Montreal program in February 2014. On March 3, La Presse nicknamed her “the tricolor lawyer.” The reason is simple. After practicing law for many years, with the Montreal Canadiens as a recurring client, last summer, France Margaret was appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for the organization. She is the first woman to join the executive committee of the Montreal Canadiens in its 104 year history. The article in La Presse finishes with an interesting quote from France Margaret: “My job is to be more than a lawyer, it is to be a manager.” Read the article in La Presse HERE.  

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Indu Krishnamurthy (EMBA 2015) at MATV

Indu Krishnamurthy, a current EMBA participant and Project Coordinator for ACEM, ACEM: Montreal Community Loan Fund, talks about immigration and a new federal government project relating to the recognition of foreign credentials, on the television show «Montréalité» seen on the MATV network. Indu was awarded the 2014 EMBA McGill HEC Montréal scholarship for managers of nonprofit organizations. http://matv.ca/montreal/mes-emissions/montrealite/videos/3272945093001

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Ève Laurier (EMBA 2011) in La Presse

On 25 February 2014, Ève Laurier, one of our 2011 alumni, shared her tips & tricks for managing stress in an article in La Presse +, entitled “Stress, you won’t get me!” Here is how the author described Ève: Ève Laurier quickly climbed the ranks, reaching the position of vice-president of strategic relationships for Richter. This did not prevent her from completing the McGill HEC Montreal EMBA program in 2011 and recently giving birth to her first child. After achieving all this, she could have decided to take it easy for awhile, but no, here she is, launching her own company! To read the full article: HERE (in French only).

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Joey Adler (EMBA 2014) is selected as one of Premières en affaires’ “Incontournables” entrepreneur

In each issue of Premières en affaires, the magazine selects 8 “Incontournables” women in a specific area of business in Quebec. The 2014 February-March issue is dedicated to eight women entrepreneurs. Joey Adler, a 2014 EMBA McGill HEC Montreal alumnus, is one of these 8 women. In the article Joey offers a simple advice to people interested in entrepreneurship: “As an entrepreneur, you must have drive, but it is important to analyze your decisions before acting.” For more information on these 8 outstanding women (in French only).  

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