Financing Options

Please note that this curriculum is not eligible for financial support programs offered by the Quebec government’s programme de prêts et bourses.

You may be eligible for the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) which permits you to make tax-free withdrawals from your RRSPs of up to $20,000 over several years, to help finance your EMBA program. Please visit the Canada Revenue Agency web site for more information.

Loan at preferred rates

Applicants accepted to the McGill – HEC Montréal EMBA are invited to contact Desjardins or RBC to apply for a tuition loan at preferred rates. For further details on the exclusive offer, please contact:


Tax Credit for Tuition Fees

At the end of the calendar year, the program will issue official receipts for tax purposes. These receipts cover a single calendar year.

1. Tuition tax credit [form T2202A]

The McGill – HEC Montréal EMBA program fees total $89,000. Approximately 73% of these fees are eligible for the tuition tax credit.

Where part or all of a student’s tuition is paid by the employer, the student can request a tuition tax credit for this portion, if the amount is also reported as income or a taxable benefit.

An employer that pays an employee’s tuition may deduct that cost as a business expense.

2. Education tax credit [federal only]

Students enrolled in the McGill – HEC Montréal EMBA are eligible for the Education tax credit of $400 per month.

In all cases, candidates should contact their tax advisor to clarify the specifics of their situation.