The Class of 2014:

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Different Aspects of the program:

Our First Participants – The Class of 2010:

Eric Bourbeau Eric Bourbeau, class of 2010.

Listen to Eric Bourbeau’s comparison of traditional MBA structures to that of the McGill HEC Montréal EMBA. He explains how the EMBA, with its integrated approach, successfully builds on the experience of each participant.

Annick-Isabelle Marcoux Annick-Isabelle Marcoux , class of 2010.

Mrs. Marcoux describes which aspects were of particular interest to her in our program when choosing amongst different EMBAs for her enrolment.Listen to her brief overview and personal comment on the program’s structure & bilingual approach.

Anouk RoyAnouk Roy , class of 2010.

From the perspective of a full time working Director, Mrs. Roy shares her experience in the program and how she managed life and work and studies. She also shares which specific aspect of the program’s approach had a significant impact on her management style in the workplace.

Dr. Kosar KhwajaDr. Kosar Khwaja , class of 2010.

Dr. Khwaja shares his expectations coming into the program and gives a sneak peak of a few of the program’s main topics. Hear how Kosar relates these concepts to his field.

François RiouxFrançois Rioux, class of 2010.

This entrepreneur from Gaspe gives the main reasons why a program such as the EMBA is beneficial for highly experienced managers.

Jan SchöninghJan Schöningh, class of 2010.

Mr. Schöningh explains why the EMBA McGill HEC Montreal was his first choice.
Jean Langlois

Jean Langlois, class of 2010.

Coming from an environmental non-profit organization, listen to Mr. Langlois’ insightful perspective on the program, including the EMBA’s unique mix of managers.

Kimberly CosgroveKimberly Cosgrove, class of 2010.

“Forty heads are better than one.”Focusing on the program’s strengths, Mrs. Cosgrove speaks about the impact of the EMBA on her business.
Patrick Truong

Patrick Truong , class of 2010

Mr. Truong shares his interest for the EMBA McGill HEC Montreal program and describes how this professional tune-up was exactly what he needed.

The McGill-HEC Montréal’s EMBA faculty:

Henry Mintzberg Henry Mintzberg

Professor: Analytical Mindset

Mr. Mintzberg describes the EMBA program from McGill HEC Montreal as the experience MBA.

Louis HébertLouis Hébert

Pedagogical Co director, EMBA McGill – HEC Montreal

Mr. Hébert speaks about the exceptional collaboration of two world renowned universities. Montreal’s bilingual character materialized through an innovative business program.

Alain PinsonneaultAlain Pinsonneault

Pedagogical Co director , McGill University

Mr. Pinsonneault addresses the unique educational approach of the EMBA McGill HEC Montreal and an overview of the program design.

Laurent LapierreLaurent Lapierre

Mr. Lapierre provides a detailed description of one’s journey through the program. Designed for experienced professionals who rarely take time to reflect, Mr. Lapierre’s module focuses on better understanding one’s personal management style.