See what our Alumni have been up to lately

Our alumni have carried forward with them the strength of our program and we love hearing about the fantastic things are alumni do once they leave the program.  This fall, it’s been conference season, with many alumni participating in events both in Montreal and elsewhere.

Here are some of those events.

Eric Bourbeau  (EMBA 2010) presented on how new disruptive wireless technologies are making cities smarter, businesses more competitive and people safer, at the T2M 2018 conference on October 25th.

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Romeo Essou (EMBA candidate 2019) was a keynote speaker at the Academics without Borders conference on November 6th. The theme of the conference was “Reaching across borders – building a better world.”

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Amine Smires (EMBA candidate 2019) presented at a symposium in Detroit on the theme:  ”Automotive Security meets Safety”.  Amine spoke about his company’s (CS Communication and Systems Canada) experience in Aerospace software certification and how they are leveraging this expertise to support the challenges of Autonomous Driving Safety.

Download the presentation here

Alexandre Miasnikof (EMBA 2018) was featured on a podcast where he discussed how to effectively develop an innovative culture within teams, so that it is durable and sustainable for the companies.

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Joey Adler (EMBA 2014) spoke at a conference in Buenos Aires about social enterprise and impact investing. She discussed how private public partnerships along with non-profits can join forces in positive ways to create opportunity for small business.

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Bernard Truong (EMBA 2013) spoke at a conference, last September in Vietnam, on the subject of Third Party Risk Management.

For more information on the conference, click here.

If you are interested in having access to the presentation, please contact us.